24 January 2023

Anti-Climb Wall Spikes – Keeping Paws away from Prized Assets

If you currently have a physical perimeter barrier solution installed around your property but still feel that you need an extra layer of protection, anti-climb wall spikes may very well be the final piece in your perimeter security puzzle! As an advanced global security solutions provider, Cochrane Global has led the way in designing and engineering wall spike solutions to deter current and future threats.

In a recent, related topic, we explored the benefits of fence spikes in scaling new heights for perimeter protection. In this article, we follow up by focusing on the benefits and ideal beneficiaries of anti-climb wall spikes in keeping your critical assets safe and secure from the most athletic of intruders!

How to convert your perimeter into an Anti-Climb Fence

Even if your property is equipped with the highest quality security fencing, with small apertures to prevent criminals from getting a foothold on your fence, there is always a risk that intruders will use special apparatus to scale your perimeter and force their way inside. This security risk can be eliminated with the installation of either high-quality razor mesh or anti-climb wall spikes atop your existing perimeter.

With this important barrier addition, unauthorized guests can neither get a hand grip to scale the top of your fence nor be able to secure a foothold to jump over the top of your perimeter. The mere presence of anti-climb fence spikes on a perimeter barrier also gives a clear, visual signal that any attempt to climb the perimeter may result in serious injury. It is that strong psychological deterrent that thwarts most potential intruders not to risk harm (and arrest) by trying to play dodge with your last line of physical perimeter security defense.

Who could benefit from the addition of Anti-Climb Wall Spikes

Not exclusive to the military, defense and critical infrastructure – any business, manufacturing site or private residence can benefit from installing wall spikes on their existing perimeter barrier.

While anti-climb measures were traditionally applied to facilities such as prisons and psychiatric facilities to prevent intrusion and escape, there is a growing trend of installing anti-wall climb spikes at educational institutes, commercial zones and residential developments. Fence spikes not only provide a heightened defense layer to secure assets but equally so, protect workers, residents and visitors on the properties they protect.

Custom Engineered Fence Spikes that adapt to your Security and Design Requirements

The ClearVu name has become synonymous with the symbols of security, durability and beauty. This commitment to both innovation and architecture is also blended into our range of formidable fence toppings, which include the following;

Shark Tooth Fence Spikes – modelled on the formidable jaws of the ocean’s ultimate Apex predator, Shark Tooth spikes are placed in alternating angles to prevent anyone from scaling either side of your property’s perimeter

Castle Spike Fence Topping – Boasting an attractive, ornamental appearance, yet bearing the same high-quality materials and anti-climb attributes for effective intrusion deterrence.

ClearVu Spike RackThe most sophisticated Anti-climb wall spikes in existence. The Spike Rack is integrated into security panels to prevent any threats from getting out of hand and off the ground.

All our Wall and Fence Spikes are fused with our unique all-weather coating to ensure a lifetime of performance and durability in even the harshest of climates.

Cochrane Global – Leading the Global Spike in Failed Intrusion Attempts

For over three decades, Cochrane Global has been the proverbial thorn in the side of would-be climbers with sinister agendas. To this day, we continue to rewrite the global industry benchmarks through patented security enhancements that provide unmatched detection and deterrence.

Contact our Team today to speak to our design and advisory teams who can construct anti-climb wall spikes that match the exact contours to your property.

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