03 November 2023

ClearVu Reinforced: Introducing the Strongest Fence in Existence

 ClearVu Reinforced is not just a high-security fence; it’s a revolutionary defence against a rapidly evolving world of threats. When the question arises of where governments, corporations, and private entities should turn to when strategically designing a perimeter that must protect against every conceivable threat, ClearVu Reinforced is the resounding answer. What sets ClearVu Reinforced apart is not only its cutting-edge technology but also its ability to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of security challenges.  

Designed and manufactured exclusively by Cochrane Global, our comprehensive solution is a fortified barrier that sets the highest standards for safeguarding critical infrastructure and other key sites. This article explores the exceptional features that make ClearVu Reinforced the most advanced high-security fence in the world and the ultimate choice for those who demand unwavering protection. 

What Makes ClearVu Reinforced Unique?  


ClearVu Reinforced stands out from the competition in the innovative world of high-security fencing through its exceptional features. At its core, it boasts a high-density mesh combined with an integrated hardened framework of fence posts, creating a formidable barrier and an insurmountable challenge to intruders.  


A Strong Resistance to Cutting Tools 


As is standard practice with all our ClearVu fences and enhancements, CV Reinforced has undergone and passed rigorous testing against various cutting tools, including hacksaws, reciprocating saws, angle grinders, and other high-powered cutting devices. It is a testament to the collaboration among our team of high-security experts.  The results are remarkable, as it consistently withstands even the most determined efforts to penetrate it. This resilience ensures that your site or property remains secure and if needed, buys you valuable time to alert the authorities should the threat levels unexpectedly rise. 


Anti-Climb Features of ClearVu Reinforced 

What sets ClearVu Reinforced apart is its innovative construction. The fence panels feature apertures too narrow for intruders to grip onto or gain a foothold. This anti-climb fencing feature is a crucial element in keeping unwanted individuals away from your property and critical infrastructure. This crucial feature of our innovative fencing design can be further enhanced through the installation of anti-climb wall spikes, for maximum intrusion deterrence.  


Superior Materials offering High Heat Resistance  


ClearVu Reinforced goes beyond just protecting against physical intrusion. Its high heat resistance offers a dual benefit. It withstands attempts by intruders to use acetylene torches and other heat sources to sabotage the fence. Moreover, this heat resistance ensures the fence’s longevity in extreme and arid environments, making it a reliable long-term solution. 


Ideal Applications of ClearVu Reinforced High-Security Fencing 


ClearVu Reinforced finds its perfect fit in a variety of applications, which include, but are not limited to; 


Critical Infrastructure Sites: Safeguarding the essential operating requirements of a nation. 


Manufacturing Plants: Protecting valuable assets and intellectual property. 

Power Generation Facilities: Ensuring uninterrupted energy production to keep economies and society functioning. 

Private Properties: Offering the highest level of protection for those who demand it. 


Additional Barrier Enhancements Compatible with ClearVu Reinforced Fencing 

Cochrane Global complements ClearVu Reinforced with a range of barrier additions that can be seamlessly integrated into your new or existing perimeter protection. These include: 


Shark Tooth: fence spikes to deter even the most determined climbers. 


Castle Spikes: Ornamental fence toppings to provide enhanced intrusion prevention alongside an aesthetic finish. 


Smart Coil: Barbed concertina wire fence toppings for added security. This can also be upgraded to an electrified version by installing the Electric Smart Coil solution. 


Cochrane Global – World Leaders in the Advancement of Physical Perimeter Security 


Cochrane Global is the exclusive manufacturer of ClearVu Reinforced High-Security Fencing, with a legacy of over three decades of elevating the benchmark for physical perimeter security worldwide. Our commitment to innovation ensures that we stay ahead of current and future threats, providing you with the ultimate peace of mind. Most importantly, Trust in ClearVu Reinforced and Cochrane Global to secure what matters most. 


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