03 May 2024

Fencing for Correctional Facilities. Lay Down the Law with ClearVu

Maintaining secure perimeters is paramount in the uncertain environment of correctional services. The efficacy of a facility’s security measures often hinges on the resilience of its fencing infrastructure. When an “inside job” has been ruled out, incidents of unauthorised entry or brazen prison escapes are often traced back to vulnerabilities in the structure and maintenance of fencing for correctional facilities. 

In this article, Cochrane Global explores the critical role of high-security fencing solutions and barrier additions in protecting correctional facilities, ranging from prisons of varying security levels to detention centres and juvenile correctional facilities.


Factors Determining the Level of Perimeter Fencing for Correctional Facilities

Various factors dictate the level of perimeter security for a correctional facility. It’s not only about fortifying physical boundaries; rather, it’s about integrating robust physical and detection security measures with effective correctional services management. This necessitates a comprehensive and challenging approach that combines physical perimeter security with technologies such as CCTV and detection systems to ensure the integrity of the facility’s boundaries remains uncompromised.

It is also worth highlighting that socio-political dynamics can profoundly impact the security landscape required of individual correctional facilities. Factors such as crime rates, gang activity, and local perceptions of law enforcement can all influence the level of security needed. Facilities operating in areas affected by high crime and reoffending rates or gang violence may require heightened security measures to deter external threats and prevent infiltration by organised criminal elements.


Safety First through Comprehensive Anti-Ligature Features

Safety is critical for staff and inmates in justice facilities such as prisons and detention centres. Ligature-resistant and anti-ligature products and designs play a crucial role in mitigating the risk of self-harm or harm to others. These features eliminate or minimise the potential for inmates to utilise objects or fixtures that could cause self-inflicted harm. Given the scourge of mental health issues and self-harm incidents in correctional settings, the significance of ligature-resistant solutions should never be ignored or underestimated.

Cochrane Global adheres to the highest safety standards by integrating anti-ligature features as a standard procedure in all correctional services fencing designs. This commitment minimises the risk of injury and self-harm and ensures compliance with local and federal regulations.


Determining the Level of Perimeter Security Required for Prisons

Whether categorised as maximum, low to medium security, or a detention centre for vulnerable youth, each facility presents unique challenges and demands tailored high-security perimeter protection. The categorisation of prisons dictates the level of internal security protocols and ultimately influences the required perimeter fencing infrastructure installed at the facility. 

At Cochrane Global, we understand the changing nature of correctional security needs. Through a collaborative risk-advisory process involving correctional services authorities and relevant stakeholders, we ensure that each project receives a customised approach in choosing specific fencing for correctional facilities. Here’s how Cochrane Global’s innovative solutions address the distinct requirements of various correctional environments.


Fencing for Maximum Security – No Compromise

Facilities requiring maximum security demand the most advanced perimeter fencing solutions capable of withstanding a wide range of internal and external threats. Cochrane Solutions tailored for maximum security environments include ClearVu Reinforced, Welded Ripper Razor Mesh, and Smart Coil. These products have become the benchmark for impenetrable security in the world’s toughest prisons, with an unrivaled reputation for maintaining law and order. 


Fencing for Low to Medium Security Prisons.

While still requiring robust perimeter security, facilities with lower escape threats must provide a less intimidating environment conducive to prisoner rehabilitation. Cochrane Global offers solutions such as the ClearVu Invisible Wall, fitted with Shark Tooth fence spikes or our unique Spike Rack for such settings. Our tailored fencing for correctional facilities is Defense-4 rated and ensures the rule of law prevails in a tightly restricted environment.


Fencing for Detention Centers – Gain the Upper Foothold

In environments that manage vulnerable, incarcerated youth, installing high-security perimeter solutions with anti-climb fencing properties is imperative. Cochrane Global offers all the above solutions from higher classification, alongside  Razor Wire and Custom ClearVu fencing tailored to prevent climbing and traversal of perimeter fences.


Additional Internal Fixtures, Balustrades and Cladding

In addition to installing physical perimeter fencing, the Cochrane Global Program Management and Engineering team can advise, design, and manufacture cladding and balustrades for high-security prisons specific to their security requirements. To explore how our internal decorative fixtures have been installed in a commercial and manufacturing context, visit the ClearVu Cladding product page.


Cochrane Global – Your Final Judgement in Effective Prison Fencing

Cochrane Global stands at the forefront of providing comprehensive perimeter security solutions and fencing for correctional facilities worldwide. Our extensive range of products, including high-transparency anti-cut/climb fencing and category-6 anti-grinder/torch fences, is meticulously designed and engineered to meet the exacting specifications of our clients. 

From federal agencies like GAC, CSC, and the US Marshals to prestigious institutions such as Capitol Hill and international embassies, our track record speaks volumes. With adherence to US NRC regulations and deployment in dozens of nuclear and energy facilities in the US alone, Cochrane Global is the trusted partner for safeguarding correctional facilities against security threats.

To learn more about how the Cochrane team can lock up for good any lingering perimeter issues at your correctional facility, contact our local team today to set up an exploratory discussion with our high-security experts.

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