25 April 2024

Fencing for Hotels – Eliminate ‘Trouble in Paradise’ with ClearVu

With the industry’s rapid recovery in the post-COVID era, ensuring the safety and security of guests and staff is essential for hotels and the wider hospitality sector. However, most organisations only focus on security’s administrative and patrolling aspects without identifying that physical perimeter security is the first line of protection in any brick-and-mortar accommodation establishment.  


Any progressive hotelier’s starting point in striking a balance of security and serenity for guests, staff, and esteemed visitors should centre on installing robust perimeter fencing for hotels. Beyond simply demarcating property boundaries, these fences become your primary defence against unauthorised access, intrusions, and potential security threats or escalations. Therefore, as hotels strive to provide a secure and welcoming environment for their clientele, strategic considerations in perimeter fencing become increasingly crucial.  


Whether you oversee a new hotel or resort development or require an urgent review of your existing perimeter security protocols, our latest article puts ‘fencing for hotels firmly on the radar with key considerations and an innovative solution to elevate your hotel security. 



Assessing General Security Risks Associated with Hotels and Resorts 


Given the diverse nature of hotels and resorts, each facing unique challenges, a comprehensive understanding of security risks is essential. For example, the protection of a hotel development within Baghdad’s Green Zone will require a far more comprehensive security detail (and guest expectation) than fencing for hotels in Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront or similar scenic destinations. No two establishments are alike; thus, a tailored risk advisory process becomes the cornerstone in determining the appropriate perimeter security measures required on-site. This section examines hotels’ varied security risks, emphasizing the importance of a customised approach to safeguarding guests, staff, and assets. 

Unauthorised Access 


Hotels risk unauthorised individuals gaining access to the premises, potentially compromising the safety and privacy of guests and staff. Physical intrusion prevention measures such as boundary fencing, gates, and access control systems help prevent unauthorised entry and restrict access to designated hotel and resort property areas. 


Theft and Vandalism  


Hotels often become focal points for property theft and vandalism, resulting in financial losses and potential brand/reputational damage. Integrated with surveillance systems, secure perimeter fencing deters would-be thieves and vandals, providing high-security perimeter protection for valuable assets and infrastructure. Not to mention keeping those unwarranted 1-star reviews at bay! 



Safety Concerns  


Ensuring the safety of guests and staff within the property is also a top motivation for investing in premium fencing for hotels. Perimeter security measures help mitigate safety concerns by preventing unauthorised individuals from entering restricted areas, such as swimming pools, spa facilities, or maintenance areas, where accidents or injuries could occur. 



Terrorist Threats  


Hotels and Resorts, especially those hosting international guests or gatherings, may be targets for terrorist attacks. Perimeter security is crucial in mitigating this spontaneous risk by creating `barriers to unauthorised access and implementing high-security fencing measures to detect and respond to suspicious activity or threats. 


Privacy Breaches  


Hotels process sensitive guest information and must always safeguard guests’ privacy. Erecting perimeter fencing for hotels also helps maintain privacy by preventing unauthorised individuals from accessing guest rooms, conference facilities, or other areas where confidential information may be stored or discussed. 



Liability Risks 


Hotels can be held liable for accidents or incidents on their premises. Hotel fencing measures such as clear signage, electric fencing, fence spikes around hazardous areas, and controlled access points help mitigate liability risks by reducing the likelihood of accidents happening and providing a safer environment for guests and staff. 



Addressing the security risks that apply to your establishment through effective security upgrades is essential for hotels to maintain a safe and secure environment for guests, staff, and assets. 



The Unique Challenges of Designing and Installing Fencing for Hotels 


Installing high-security fencing around (and within) hotels and resorts presents a distinctive challenge compared to other sectors such as manufacturing, data centres or critical infrastructure protection. unlike industrial or high-tech facilities, hotels and resorts must maintain a delicate balance between ensuring robust perimeter security and preserving the tranquil and inviting atmosphere that guests expect. The fencing infrastructure surrounding a hotel property not only acts as a physical barrier to protect guests, staff, and assets but also plays a key role in shaping the overall guest experience.  


By choosing enhancement over obscurity, it must seamlessly blend into the environment, enhancing the property’s aesthetic appeal while instilling visitors with a sense of safety and privacy. Striking this balance of opposites requires careful consideration of design, materials, and barrier additions to create a secure perimeter that complements the hotel’s ambience and reinforces its reputation as a sanctuary for R&R.  


At Cochrane Global, we believe that the unseen advantages of an invisible fence perfectly match the owners’ need for secure fencing for hotels with guest expectations of a relaxed (and yet restricted) retreat– which is presented in the following custom-made solution for hotels and the wider hospitality industry.  


ClearVu – The Penthouse Suite of Hotel and Resort Perimeter Fencing 


ClearVu The Invisible Wall, manufactured exclusively by Cochrane Global, stands at the forefront of hospitality security innovation, offering a tailored response to the unique challenges hotels and resorts face. Designed with a foresight of the hospitality industry’s demands, ClearVu fencing seamlessly integrates security with nature, preserving an environment that promotes relaxation and tranquility. Its architecturally inspired design ensures that the fencing system blends harmoniously with the property’s natural surroundings, preserving the hotel’s or resort’s aesthetic appeal and ambience.  


By providing unobtrusive yet highly effective fencing for hotels, ClearVu allows your guests to feel safe and secure without compromising the immersive holiday experience in a serene and inviting environment. Custom-fabricated to meet the diverse needs of various industries, including hotel and residential estates, critical infrastructure, and military and defense sites, ClearVu offers a versatile solution that enhances both security and safeguards the guest experience for your current and future guests. 


Cochrane Global – Your Trusted Concierge for Security Solutions 


At Cochrane Global, we’ve spent over four decades both perfecting and redefining the art of perimeter security across every industry imaginable and duly earning the trust of our clients worldwide. From luxury hotels to historical landmarks and iconic urban spaces, our commitment to innovation is evident in our stunning and effective fencing designs, tailored to meet each client’s unique needs.  


Whether you’re a hotel or resort owner seeking to upgrade security while preserving your property’s aesthetic appeal, or a property developer looking to safeguard your invaluable investment, our security experts are here to help.  


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