17 April 2024

Perimeter Fencing for Manufacturing – Your Base line to Growth

The wide footprint coupled with continuous vehicular and human traffic for manufacturing and industrial facilities presents an endless challenge in ensuring comprehensive perimeter security. Given the extensive size and varied operations of manufacturing sites, conventional security measures often fail to address the complex challenges they encounter. Security personnel can only cover so much area and cannot always protect all corners and vulnerabilities. While advanced technology and detection systems can pinpoint security breaches in real-time, they also lack the physical infrastructure to prevent unauthorised intrusion. A lot can quickly go wrong, yet you don’t want to create the impression of a fortress that instils fear in your employees and visitors.  


The foundation for effective perimeter security for manufacturing facilities can be found in the nuts and bolts of advanced physical perimeter barriers, acting as the first line of defence against many threats. In this article, Cochrane Global explores the challenges of protecting manufacturing sites, and identifies industries that should invest in superior perimeter security while showcasing our range of security solutions that provide impressive intrusion prevention and minimise operational downtime. 


The Challenges of Perimeter Security for Manufacturing Facilities 


Securing the perimeter of manufacturing and distribution sites poses unique challenges due to the complex nature of their operations and the critical assets they house. Unlike standalone properties, manufacturing sites often operate on expansive premises with intricate layouts and areas which require various levels of security detail. The following are just a few concerns for management to deliberate on when integrating an effective perimeter security strategy 


Size and Volume of the Facility 

The expansive nature of manufacturing sites and their various departments renders manual patrols ineffective, leaving vulnerabilities in remote areas that must be continuously checked. Your security team needs the assurance that effective perimeter protection measures are in place to carry out their duties and protect your site’s front lines. 

Centralised Access Management 

Managing the high levels of foot traffic and vehicles that pass through your facility requires a centralised entry and exit point to regulate access and ensure that only authorised personnel enter the premises. Your flashy front gate should never come at the cost of a vulnerable wider perimeter. 

Threats of Intrusion and Sabotage:  

Manufacturing facilities are often targets for unauthorised intrusion, sabotage, and intellectual property theft, posing significant risks to operations and profitability. The risk of civil unrest can also rear its ugly head in the aftermath of negative publicity and may require permanent and temporary fencing measures to counter successfully. 

Operational Disruption:  

Inferior perimeter or boundary security exposes manufacturing sites to operational downtime, disrupting production deadlines and incurring substantial financial losses. Shareholders and key stakeholders must be made aware that upgrades to perimeter security for manufacturing facilities are necessary to maintain production capacity, meet targets and ensure ongoing job security.  


Industries Requiring Elevated High-Security Perimeter Protection. 

From petty theft to the threat of wide-scale sabotage and compromise to valuable intellectual property, the following manufacturing industries stand out as key candidates for a fencing design upgrade to ensure that perimeter security for manufacturing stands up to the wide range of external threats at play. 


  • Chemical Plants 

  • These facilities face the constant threat of industrial accidents, theft of hazardous materials, and sabotage while ensuring the safety of personnel, visitors and neighbouring communities. 


  • Pharmaceutical Facilities  

  • Safeguarding sensitive research, intellectual property, and controlled substances is essential to prevent theft, counterfeiting, and industrial espionage. 


  • Automotive Manufacturing 

  • These plants require strong security measures to protect valuable inventory, brand designs, and production processes from theft, industrial espionage, and disruptions to the supply chain. 


  • Electronics Manufacturing  

  • Superior perimeter security measures are necessary to safeguard valuable components, intellectual property, and the integrity of the supply chain against petty theft, counterfeiting, and industrial espionage. 


  • Aerospace and Defence Manufacturing  

  • These facilities must protect classified information, sensitive technologies, and production processes from espionage, sabotage, and threats from both domestic and foreign entities.  


In the case of all the above, the process should begin with a risk advisory for perimeter security exercise to determine current and future threats and ensure that a customised solution is designed and implemented for maximum effect. 


Cochrane Global: Safeguarding Perimeter Security for Manufacturing Facilities Worldwide. 


As an industry leader in physical perimeter security solutions, Cochrane Global offers a comprehensive range of products designed to address the unique security needs of manufacturing and distribution facilities. Our solutions include: 


ClearVu Invisible Wall: A high-security fencing system, ClearVu fencing features advanced anti-cut and anti-climb fencing properties, providing unparalleled perimeter protection without obstructing visibility or becoming an eyesore from the outside. 


Smart Coil: Our intelligent perimeter detection system can detect and alert authorities to potential breaches in real time, ensuring a swift patrolled response to security threats. The existing Smart Coil can also be upgraded with an energiser to become an electric fencing solution, known as the Electric Smart Coil.   


ClearVu Shutter Barrier: When controlled visibility is a key consideration for sensitive areas within a facility, the ClearVu Shutter Barrier elevates your perimeter security for manufacturing to Defence 4-rated solid shutter protection. This ensures that key activities are concealed from unwanted interference. 


Shark Tooth: Our formidable fence spikes can be strategically installed atop walls and fences as a barrier addition to deter intruders and prevent unauthorised access. 



Our team of high-security experts spread across multiple offices worldwide including the USA, UK and the UAE, strives to remain at the forefront of physical perimeter security. We collaborate with existing clients, architects, defence agencies, and regulatory bodies to ensure that sites are protected against both current and future threats. In addition to customised perimeter security for manufacturing and distribution, we continue to design and deploy innovative solutions for Military and Defense, Critical Infrastructure, vehicle barriers and maritime security.  

ClearVu – The Perimeter Security Framework for Productivity and Growth.   

In today’s uncertain security landscape, manufacturing facilities must step up their game and invest in superior perimeter security to avoid the catastrophe of disruption. This is where Cochrane Global is your trusted security partner, offering customised and scalable perimeter security for manufacturing sites to keep your assets, IP, staff, and operations safe. By partnering with us, you can rest easy knowing your facility is expertly protected against any unwanted visitors.  


Prioritising security is more than staying safe; it’s about giving your business the outside edge it needs to thrive inside. To explore effective solutions for your new manufacturing site or an existing perimeter security overhaul, contact our team today to speak to one of our experts. 

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