15 May 2024

Fencing for Medical Facilities – Invest in Uninterrupted Healthcare

Healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and medical centres, represent critical infrastructure where security, safety and service provision must always be aligned. Whether deployed around hospitals, laboratories, ER rooms or psychiatric units, fencing for medical facilities plays a crucial role in the uninterrupted delivery of vital services to society. Despite their critical nature, these sites often fall victim to criminal activity, as they are perceived as vulnerable targets. Recent incidents, such as the vandalism of public hospitals in South Africa and the increase in attacks on healthcare workers, highlighted in a recent report by the  American Hospital Association (AHA), underscore the urgent need for robust security measures within the healthcare sector.


Given healthcare facilities’ challenges, facilities managers and stakeholders must prioritise implementing security strategies that include comprehensive physical perimeter barriers. It’s about protecting property and safeguarding patients, visitors, and vital medical equipment and supplies. The increasing size and complexity of modern healthcare facilities, driven by the growing demands of an expanding global population, further underline the need for multifaceted security solutions. By prioritising perimeter security upgrades, your facility is taking responsibility for fortifying the defences of healthcare institutions that operate 24/7 and for which citizens’ lives depend.


In this article, Cochrane Global outlines the considerations that healthcare management should factor in their perimeter protection plan. We also present innovative solutions proven to protect and secure medical and healthcare facilities from the exterior and within. These solutions are practical and innovative, giving you the confidence to invest in the latest and most advanced security measures.


Key Considerations in Fencing For Medical Facilities Design

Enhanced Physical Security


Perimeter Fencing is the first line of defence for many medical facilities, delineating boundaries and controlling access points. By establishing clear perimeters, fencing discourages unauthorised entry and mitigates the risk of intrusions, vandalism, and theft. Perimeter security is the bread and butter of any security strategy and is vital in an industry with many vulnerabilities and security threats. The ClearVu physical barrier is a deterrent, safeguarding sensitive areas such as laboratories, pharmacies, and equipment storage facilities.


Patient and Staff Safety


Maintaining a secure environment is essential for the well-being of patients and staff situated within fencing for medical facilities. A well-planned fencing design helps regulate pedestrian and vehicular traffic, reducing the likelihood of accidents or violent attacks and ensuring orderly movement within the premises. Additionally, strategically placed fencing can prevent unauthorised individuals from wandering into restricted areas, minimising potential risks to patients, personnel and visitors.


Privacy Protection


Medical facilities, particularly pharmaceutical manufacturing and research laboratories, handle sensitive information, IP, and delicate procedures that require stringent confidentiality. High-security fencing contributes to preserving intellectual property and patient privacy by shielding premises from prying eyes and unauthorised observation. By creating secluded spaces within the facility grounds, patients can feel reassured of their confidentiality, fostering trust in the healthcare provider-patient relationship. Where concealment matters in your industry, Cochrane Global can also cater to your privacy requirements.


Compliance with Regulatory Standards:


Adherence to local and federal regulatory guidelines and SOPs is non-negotiable in the healthcare sector. Many regulatory bodies mandate the implementation of security measures, including robust fencing for medical facilities to ensure compliance with safety protocols and accreditation requirements. By partnering with high-security experts to invest in sustainable and scalable fencing solutions, medical facilities demonstrate their commitment to maintaining a secure and compliant environment. Ultimately, you can prove that you put patient and facility first, safeguarding your reputation and avoiding penalties for non-compliance.

The Importance of Inward Fencing in High-Security Medical Facilities


Custom Inward fencing design, paired with spike fence toppings or razor barriers, represents a specialised approach to perimeter security, particularly crucial in environments like psychiatric hospitals where containment is paramount. Unlike traditional outward-facing fencing, inward fencing is designed for intrusion prevention and unauthorised exit attempts, making it extremely difficult for individuals to scale or breach the barrier from within the facility.


Cochrane Global innovates in providing tailored security solutions and fencing for medical facilities, including psychiatric hospitals, where the risks of patient escapes or theft of medical supplies are heightened. With a focus on custom design and engineering, Cochrane Global offers high-security fencing systems customised and adapted to each medical facility’s unique risk profile. 


Cochrane Global’s Commitment to Protecting Hospital Facilities Worldwide


As a leader in perimeter security solutions, Cochrane Global offers cutting-edge products designed to meet the stringent security requirements of medical facilities worldwide. One standout solution is the ClearVu Invisible Wall, a revolutionary fencing system combining unparalleled strength and aesthetic appeal. By utilising high-strength, anti-climb mesh panels, ClearVu fencing solutions provide an unobtrusive yet highly effective barrier against intruders, ensuring the security and integrity of medical facility perimeters.

High-Rise Fencing


High-rise fencing is a formidable barrier, offering a visible deterrent to unauthorised access and intrusion attempts. Its imposing presence deters potential threats from encroaching upon restricted areas. Epitomised by the strength of the ClearVu fencing brand, Cochrane Global offers a range of high-rise fencing solutions custom-engineered for maximum security and durability, providing peace of mind to healthcare providers and patients alike.

Recommended Solution: ClearVu The Invisible Wall   (Custom Design)


Wall Spikes


Anti-climb wall spikes are a simple yet effective (and less-lethal) addition to existing perimeter walls, enhancing their defensive capabilities against unauthorised climbing or scaling. Incorporating wall spikes into perimeter fencing for medical facilities can further reinforce their defences and deter potential intruders. Cochrane Global’s wall range of spike solutions combines functionality with aesthetics, offering discreet yet highly effective deterrents to unauthorised access.

Recommended Solutions: Castle Spike, Shark Tooth


High-Security Fencing


High-security fencing provides unparalleled protection in environments where enhanced security measures are an absolute must-have! Engineered to withstand intrusion attempts and harsh environmental conditions, Cochrane’s custom high-security fences offer peace of mind to medical facility operators and stakeholders. Cochrane Global’s high-security fencing solutions boast industry-leading strength and resilience, ensuring the integrity of medical facility perimeters against external threats.


Recommended Solution: ClearVu Reinforced


Other Barrier Additions


Beyond traditional boundary fencing solutions, medical facilities can explore a variety of barrier additions to bolster their perimeter security. These may include anti-ram barriers and anti-vehicle barriers designed to prevent unauthorised vehicular access and protect against potential terrorist threats. Cochrane Global offers a comprehensive range of barrier solutions tailored to the unique security needs of medical facilities, providing holistic protection against a diverse range of threats.

Recommended Barrier Additions: Smart Coil, Anti-Vehicle Barrier, Electric Smart Coil  

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Physical perimeter security barriers should be your primary care in safeguarding the integrity and security of medical facilities. From deterring unauthorised access and escape to providing extra protection to lifesaving medical equipment and medication, these barriers play a vital role in upholding safety standards within healthcare environments.


By leveraging innovative technologies and the finest-grade steel materials, Cochrane Global ensures that medical institutions maintain a secure environment while prioritising patient care and safety. For over 40 years, we have designed and installed comprehensive perimeter fencing for medical facilities and laboratories from California to Cape Town. From initial assessment by our Risk Advisory team to effective program management and delivery, we collaborate with healthcare leaders to facilitate uninterrupted access to vital medical treatment and supplies. 

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